Wait what! American couple finds concealed Safe during house remodel: Here's what unfolded next

After the couple posted their story on social media, it quickly gained popularity.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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The pair calls Phoenix City home. While doing renovations on their house, they discovered an unexpected gem. The safe was discovered hidden inside a kitchen wall when renovations were being made to their home. After the couple posted their story on social media, it quickly gained popularity. A Phoenix City woman shared her experience on the social media site Imgur, saying that when the pair first saw the safe in the kitchen during renovations, they were not sure what was inside or how to get to it. They made multiple efforts to open the safe before discovering a code written on the back. About Rs 43 lakh was discovered inside. The safe held a lot of other unexpected items.

This is what really happened!

We just gawked in shock. Time froze. As I reached into the safe, Eddie cried, "Wait! Perhaps it is booby trapped! That one still makes me laugh," she remarked. The woman, whose identity is being withheld, stated that the majority of the items were $100 bills, a 1960s-era bottle of alcohol, and EF Schumacher's 1977 book "A Guide for the Perplexed." A picture of an unknown individual and a message referencing a suggested book were also there. I have got a book for you to read, Alan. I have highlighted several important sentences. "Your friend, Vincent," is inscribed on the book's reverse.

Money brings in trouble

Additionally, the pair stated that they were unsure of what to do with the money."If Alan is still alive, then it was ultimately intended for him." However, we are retaining the bourbon," she added in her message. It turned out that the incident actually happened in 2015 after more research.