Want to hear lord Krishna's flute every night? This temple in Patna, Bihar will make it happen!

Raja Heet Narayan Singh of Tikari Raj constructed the Shri Radha Gopal Temple at Chaudhary Tola Ghat in Patna.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Lord Krishna is the subject of numerous temples located all over the world. There is a temple in India where many claim to have heard the gentle sound of anklets tinkling and a flute playing at night. It is thought that this temple is home to Radha and Krishna, who wake up at night. This mysterious temple—where is it? Let us investigate.

The mysterious case!

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is home to numerous significant historical temples and heritage sites. Raja Heet Narayan Singh of Tikari Raj constructed the Shri Radha Gopal Temple near Chaudhary Tola Ghat in Patna in 1830. Subsequently, a queen inherited this temple and, as she became older, gave it to the saint Devraha Baba. 

Devotion on par with the next level

The saint has been in charge of the temple ever since. Bhajan Keertan is held on the grounds of the temple every Sunday. In addition, the temple has lodging available for devotees who wish to stay within the grounds. The music of the flute and anklets at night has drawn attention to the temple. The priest, Madheshwar Mishra, mentioned that the temple is stretched out over a large area of land and that many people have heard the sound of anklets and flute music here at night. He added that Lord Krishna's followers think they have sensed his presence in this temple.

Locals to advocate

A local resident named Shani Mishra told media in an interview that the temple has a lot of history. Many fervently think that since Radha and Gopal live here, one can experience his Leela. He went on to say that because of the serene surroundings and the amazing views of the Ganga River, students come here every evening to study.

Over twenty-two cows reside on the expansive grounds of the temple. The cow caretaker, Nagendra, mentioned that there are more calves than cows in this area. People from many walks of life visit the temple to gather cow urine because all of the cows are of native breeds. It is interesting to note that the calves in the temple are allowed to continue drinking the cows' milk. For personal use, the caregiver takes the milk from the cow that the calves did not consume.