Watch: Picture of BJP-UPPL alliance leader lying semi-naked on Rs 500 currency notes goes viral

UPPL President Pramod Boro has been vocal about the party's commitment to transparency and honesty.

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Courtesy: X/sudarshanunique

New Delhi: A recent photograph depicting Benjamin Basumatary, the VCDC Chairman of Vairaguri under the Bodoland Territorial Council, lying on a bed with stacks of ₹500 notes placed on him, has sparked widespread attention and debate on social media platforms.

Stirring controversy

The image, which has gone viral, has led to numerous inquiries and speculations regarding Basumatary's association with the United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL), known for its anti-corruption stance. Amidst the ongoing scrutiny of opposition party members by central agencies, this photograph has added fuel to the fire, raising questions about financial transparency and integrity within the party.

UPPL's commitment to integrity

UPPL President Pramod Boro has been vocal about the party's commitment to transparency and honesty. However, the emergence of this controversial photograph has cast a shadow over UPPL's reputation, prompting demands for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Basumatary's apparent connection to the cash stack.

Calls for accountability

Social media users have expressed concern over the implications of the viral photo, questioning how such incidents align with UPPL's anti-corruption agenda. One user, in particular, highlighted the broader challenge of combating corruption in society, urging for greater accountability and scrutiny of public figures.

Seeking answers

The public outcry over the photograph underscores the importance of accountability and integrity in politics. As citizens demand answers and transparency from their leaders, the spotlight remains on UPPL and its leadership to address the concerns raised by this viral incident.

In the midst of heightened scrutiny and public discourse, UPPL faces the challenge of upholding its principles of transparency and honesty. The viral photo serves as a reminder of the critical role that accountability plays in maintaining public trust and integrity within political organizations.