Watch video: Man attempts suicide after being overcharged for 'beer'

Fortunately, local police intervened to prevent Shivhare from harming himself, bringing him down safely from the tree.

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Courtesy: X/KashifKakvi

New Delhi: In a disturbing incident, a man from Rajgarh district, Madhya Pradesh, reportedly attempted suicide after his grievances of being overcharged for liquor went unanswered by local authorities. Brijmohan Shivhare, the victim, resorted to drastic measures after his complaints to the Chief Minister's Helpline and local police station fell on deaf ears.

Complaints ignored

Shivhare had raised concerns about being charged an extra Rs 50 for liquor bottles, but his complaints went unaddressed, prompting him to take drastic action. Despite his efforts to seek redress, he felt ignored and frustrated by the lack of response from the authorities.

Desperate act unfolds

In a dramatic turn of events, Shivhare climbed a tree with the intention of taking his own life, a scene that was captured on social media and quickly went viral. His actions were fueled by a sense of helplessness and desperation after feeling disregarded by those meant to address his concerns.

Financial hardship and allegations

In a poignant moment captured on video, Shivhare tearfully expressed his financial struggles, highlighting his inability to secure employment and meet his rent obligations. His distress was compounded by the additional charges imposed on him for purchasing liquor, despite his precarious financial situation.

Earlier this year, Shivhare had filed a formal complaint with various authorities, including the Chief Minister's Helpline and local police, after being charged extra for alcohol purchases. However, no action was taken, leaving him disillusioned with the system.

Allegations of extortion

In the widely circulated video, Shivhare accused liquor vendors of extortion and violence against those who dared to speak out against their unfair practices. He lamented the impunity with which they operated, even selling alcohol during significant events such as the inauguration of the Ram Mandir and Republic Day.

Intervention by local authorities

Fortunately, local police intervened to prevent Shivhare from harming himself, bringing him down safely from the tree. However, the incident has sparked outrage on social media, drawing attention to the plight of individuals like Shivhare who feel marginalized and neglected by the authorities.

As investigations unfold, questions are being raised about the efficacy of grievance redressal mechanisms and the need for greater accountability to address the concerns of citizens like Shivhare.