Tired of soaring petrol prices? Get CNG kit for scooter, Enjoy 70 paise per Km

CNG kit for scooter: One of the notable advantages of a CNG kit for scooters is that your vehicle can run on both petrol and CNG.

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CNG Kit for Scooter: It's a well-known fact that petrol prices have soared past the Rs 100 mark, and scooters like Activa and Jupiter typically deliver a mileage of around 40-45 kilometres per litre. The cost of running a scooter, in such circumstances, can be a real burden on your wallet.

It's no surprise that more and more people are opting for CNG vehicles to save on fuel expenses. While CNG cars and buses are commonly seen on the roads of many cities, have you ever wondered if two-wheelers could also harness the benefits of CNG? The answer is yes. CNG scooters have started to hit the streets in various cities.

How is this possible, you may wonder? Well, by installing a CNG kit in your scooter, you can convert it to run on CNG. It's an innovative solution, and the good news is that it's relatively easy to get a CNG kit installed in your scooter, and it costs a mere 70 paise per kilometre to run it.

The Process of Getting a CNG Kit Installed

If you're concerned about the fuel efficiency of your scooter, a CNG kit is a worthy investment. This CNG kit can be installed in popular scooter models like Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro, Suzuki Access, and many others. Several companies manufacture CNG kits specifically designed for two-wheelers.

The cost of getting this kit installed is approximately Rs 18,000, but don't let the upfront cost deter you. According to manufacturers, you can recoup this expense in less than a year, given the current price difference between CNG and petrol.

Dual-Fuel Efficiency

One of the notable advantages of a CNG kit for scooters is that your vehicle can run on both petrol and CNG. The installation includes a switch that allows you to seamlessly switch between CNG and petrol modes.

The CNG cylinders, two in number, are discreetly fitted in the front portion of the scooter, ensuring they don't intrude upon your riding experience.

Additionally, the operating machinery is neatly situated beneath the seat. The tank has a total capacity of 1.2 kg of CNG.

Getting a CNG kit installed may take around 4 hours, and it opens up a world of fuel-saving opportunities. As petrol prices continue to fluctuate, CNG offers a stable and cost-effective alternative for your daily commute.

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