After giving mandatory WFH: This company mass fires 400 employees who joined call

Stellantis called for a mandatory remote work day on Friday, March 22, and asked to fire all the employees who joined the remote call.

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Courtesy: Stellantis

Giving shock to over 400 employees on remote call, the Italian-American automaker Stellantis has laid off over 400 workforces in its engineering, software, and technology divisions in the United States. The way the elimination took place It was how the layoffs were carried out that has raised eyebrows. According to the sources, Stellantis called for a mandatory remote work day on Friday, March 22.

According to the reports, the carmaker asked its employees on Thursday to attend the specific operational meeting and ensure effective participation. All the workers who joined the remote call were told they were being laid off.

One of the engineers who was part of the meeting (declined to be named) informed the sources that Stellantis is outsourcing jobs to India, Mexico, and Brazil and it was a mass firing of everyone that was on the call. 

The automaker, which owns the Jeep and Chrysler brands, informed the media that employees who have been laid off had been offered a complete benefit package and help throughout their transition. Stellantis said in a statement that it "continues to make the appropriate structural decisions across the enterprise to improve efficiency and optimize our cost structure as the auto industry continues to face unprecedented uncertainties and heightened competitive pressures around the world."

The topic of layoff etiquette has come back to light as a result of the Stellantis layoffs. The topic of how businesses should break bad news to their employees has been the subject of intense discussion over the past few months.