'I love Muslims... but I don't publicise it' Unfolding why PM Modi said this

The PM said, "If we had to go out during Muharram, I knew we had to pass under the Tazias. I grew up in that society."

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Courtesy: ANI

Prime Minister Modi submitted his nomination for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat recently. He addressed allegations of labelling Muslims as "intruders" and targeting them, stating, "I have pledged not to indulge in Hindu-Muslim politics. If I ever resort to such tactics, I will no longer be fit for public life."

Clarification on remarks about Muslims

Responding to claims regarding his remarks on "intruders" and "people with more children," the PM clarified that his statements were never directed at Muslims. Expressing surprise, he questioned, "Who told you that mentioning people with more children implies they are Muslims? I refrain from engaging in the 'Hindu-Muslim' narrative; that's my resolve."

Discussion on family planning among the poor

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the issue of family planning among the economically disadvantaged, irrespective of their religious affiliations. He also shared insights from his experience of living among Muslim families in his locality. Modi recalled, "Living in proximity to Muslim households allowed us to understand their customs and traditions. We observed Eid at our home just like any other festival. On that day, meals were not cooked as they were received from our Muslim neighbours."

Personal connection with the Muslim community

Reflecting on his upbringing, PM Modi mentioned his familiarity with Muharram traditions, where passing under Tazias was part of the experience. He emphasised, "I have grown up in such an environment and have numerous Muslim friends. However, I prefer not to publicise this aspect widely."

Addressing perceptions about his stance on Muslims

When questioned about the perception that "Modi isn't for Muslims," the PM stressed that the issue transcends religious boundaries. Despite personal support from many Muslims, Modi noted a prevalent narrative guiding actions. He referenced the tarnishing of his image after the 2002 Godhra incident, attributing it to deliberate efforts.