Kejriwal's comeback: Free electricity, free treatment, free education among 10 poll guarantees

While addressing a meeting on Sunday, Kejriwal said that these promises are a vision for new India without which the country cannot become powerful.

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Courtesy: ANI

New Delhi: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who is out on interim bail, has announced 10 poll guarantees amid the ongoing general elections.  He has promised to fulfill if Indi bloc is voted to power. While addressing a meeting on Sunday, Kejriwal said that these promises are a vision for new India without which the country cannot become powerful.

Kejriwal's 10 poll promises 

1. Uninterrupted electricity: Kejriwal has guaranteed to provide continuous, uninterrupted electricity for the nation. He said that the government would provide 200 units of free electricity to economically disadvantaged households nationwide. He has mentioned that the government will harness the country's ability to generate electricity which stands at 3 lakh MW against its usage of 2 lakh MW. He has said that the country has the ability to produce more electricity than the available demand.

2. Free education for all: AAP Chief said that the conditions of the schools across the nation is not satisfactory but he would ensure that they arrange for better education for everyone to further elevate the literacy rate. An estimated value of RS 5 crore will be required for this which will be provided in a 50:50 ratio by both state and central government.

3. Better healthcare: He announced that there will be proper arrangements for healthcare facilities including good treatment for those in need. Mohalla clinics will be opened in every village and every locality. District hospitals would be converted into multispeciality hospitals providing all necessary services under a single roof. With an expenditure of around RS 5 lakh crore for the creation of proper infrastructure, treatment will not be done on the basis of insurance said Kejriwal.

4. Strengthening national security: Full autonomy would be granted to the army to deal with China, to reclaim land from its unauthorized occupancy of Indian land, and to pursue diplomatic efforts to enhance territorial integrity.

5. Discontinuation of Agniveer scheme: Kejriwal announced that the government would discontinue current government's one of the most contentious schemes, Agniveer. He said that he would regularize all enrolled children on permanent positions, scrapping the contractual system and ensuring adequate allocation of funds for the army. 

6. Prioritizing farmer's welfare: Farmers would be provided fair compensation for crops based on Swaminathan's report to ensure a dignified life for the farmers struggling to meet their ends.

7. Delhi statehood: The government would grant full statehood to Delhi, fulfilling a long-standing demand of the residents. 

8. Employment generation: To combat the ever-rising problem of unemployment, Kejriwal promised to generate 2 crore new jobs annually.

9. Dealing with corruption transparently: Kejriwal said that the government, if voted to power would dismantle 'Bjp's protectionist measures' to ensure accountability for all. 

10. Promoting trade and industry: There would be simplification of the GST regime by removing it from the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, to further embark India on the path of surpassing China in the manufacturing sector.