Sanghamitra Maurya's Emotional Moment: Tears flow onstage as BJP cuts Lok Sabha ticket

The Candidate: Beyond political developments, Sanghamitra Maurya's personal life has courted controversy, notably involving claims of marriage and assaults.

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Courtesy: Top Indian News | India Daily English

The Candidate: As political parties unveil their candidates for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has stirred headlines by revoking the ticket of sitting MP Sanghamitra Maurya from the Badaun constituency in Uttar Pradesh. The announcement triggered an emotional outpouring from Maurya, who visibly broke down while seated on the stage, moments before the event commenced. A video capturing this poignant moment swiftly made rounds on social media platforms, garnering widespread attention.

Ticket Revocation Stirs Emotions

Amidst the fervour of election announcements, Sanghamitra Maurya found herself grappling with unexpected emotions as the BJP declared Durvijay Shakya as her replacement for the Badaun seat. Overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, Maurya's tears became evident, evoking empathy from onlookers. Despite the imminent arrival of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at the event, Maurya's emotional display remained unaddressed, leaving her visibly distraught.

Maurya's Explanation

In response to queries regarding her emotional display, Sanghamitra Maurya dismissed notions of weakness, affirming her unwavering commitment to support Durvijay Shakya's electoral campaign. She attributed her tears to an emotionally charged narrative shared by minister Gulabo Devi, recounting the tale of King Dasharatha. Maurya's steadfast determination to rally behind Shakya's candidacy underscored her resilience amidst political upheaval.

Social Media Speculation

While Sanghamitra Maurya's demeanor during Durvijay Shakya's nomination remained composed, her tearful reaction following the ticket revocation sparked conjecture on social media platforms. Previously lauded as a stalwart of the BJP, Maurya's emotional display prompted diverse interpretations, with some attributing her tears to personal disappointment, while others cited her explanation regarding the emotional anecdote shared during the event.

Controversies and Personal Life

Beyond political developments, Sanghamitra Maurya's personal life has courted controversy, notably involving claims of marriage and assaults. In November 2023, allegations surfaced concerning Maurya's marital status, with a young man named Deepak Kumar Swarnkar claiming to be her husband. Amidst legal proceedings, Swarnkar alleged discrepancies in Maurya's election affidavit, accusing her of misrepresentation regarding her marital status.

Marital History

Sanghamitra Maurya's marital journey has been marred by controversy, beginning with her love marriage to Naval Shakya in 2010. Despite the high-profile nature of their union, subsequent allegations and legal disputes have cast a shadow over Maurya's personal life, highlighting the complexities that extend beyond her political career.

Sanghamitra Maurya's emotional reaction to the revocation of her electoral ticket underscores the nuanced interplay between personal and political spheres. As the Lok Sabha elections approach, Maurya's journey continues to be intertwined with both triumphs and tribulations, shaping the narrative of her political legacy.

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