'The Trial' actress Noor Malabika Das found dead in Mumbai residence

Sources reported that Noor Malabika Das's neighbors alerted the police after detecting a foul smell coming from her flat.

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Noor Malabika Das, an actor known for her roles in various web shows and her co-starring role with Kajol in the 2023 legal drama "The Trial," was found dead in her Lokhandwala, Mumbai flat. Authorities suspect that Das, a former air hostess with Qatar Airways originally from Assam, may have died by suicide.

Discovery and Investigation

The discovery was made on Thursday when neighbors, alarmed by a foul smell emanating from her flat, alerted the police. Officers forced entry into the 37-year-old actor's residence, where they found her body in an advanced state of decomposition. In their investigation, police collected samples, including medicines and mobile phones, from the scene. However, no suicide note was discovered. An official stated that an accidental death report (ADR) has been filed and an autopsy has been conducted.

Family and Final Rites

Malabika's elderly parents, who had recently visited her in Mumbai, were unable to return to the city. Consequently, her friend and fellow actor Aloknath Pathak, with the assistance of an NGO, handled the cremation of her body.

Calls for Thorough Investigation

The All Indian Cine Workers Association has appealed to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis for a comprehensive investigation into the suspected suicide. They emphasized the need for the government to address the underlying causes behind the frequent tragedies in the Indian film industry.

"It is imperative for the government to probe the underlying causes behind these recurring tragedies in the Indian film industry," the association stated, calling for measures to prevent future incidents.