‘Ladkiyaan koi kum nahi hai’ Heeramandi actress Sanjeeda Sheikh opens on inappropriate touch by woman

In Heeramandi Sanjeeda Shaikh portrays the character of Waheeda, a courtesan.

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Actress Sanjeeda Shaikh, known for her role in "Heeramandi," recently shared insights into her personal and professional struggles. In a candid conversation with Hauterrfly, Shaikh recounted a disturbing incident at a nightclub where she was inappropriately touched by a woman. "I remember one incident very vaguely but it was by a woman. I was in a nightclub. One woman was passing by and she just touched my breast and left. I was kind of taken aback, like what just happened. We hear men smack you on the back and they misbehave, ladkiyaan koi kum nahi hai," Shaikh revealed.

Perspective on Wrongdoing

Shaikh emphasized the importance of addressing wrongdoing, regardless of gender. "If you are headed on the wrong path, you are going on it regardless. It has nothing to do with men or women, whatever is wrong is wrong. If a woman has wronged you, tell her. Because I think playing the victimhood card is very unattractive," she stated, urging people to confront issues directly.

Reflections on Divorce

In the same interview, Shaikh discussed her divorce from actor Aamir Ali, though she did not mention him by name. Reflecting on the challenges of her past relationship, she said, "There are men, and there are partners who try to demotivate you, who tell you that you can't do anything. Or they will say you will not be able to do this. It's better to be away from such people. There are phases in every relationship where you are happy, and then there are some when you are not, and then you take a call for your life and that's what I did for myself, because I started loving myself and I started prioritizing myself and that is very, very important."

Shaikh expressed gratitude for overcoming her hardships, describing her journey towards self-acceptance and happiness. "I feel I am very lucky (to have emerged from) whatever happened to me. Maybe I felt then that I was the most depressed person, or I was very sad, or, ‘What is happening with me, what is happening with my life?' But to overcome all of that and to be happy with this version of myself, I am blessed," she added.