ISIS urges lone wolf attacks for its 10th anniversary, security beefed up; Here's what can go wrong

Intelligence agencies on high alert as IS spokesperson incites violence against "infidels."

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New Delhi: The Islamic State (IS), also known as IS-Central, has called upon "lone wolves" to carry out attacks on civilians globally in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of their declared Caliphate. This declaration, made in Ramadan of 2014, established a self-proclaimed Islamic state led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Renewed calls for violence

In a statement released by IS spokesperson Abu Hudhayfah al-Ansari, the group urged supporters worldwide to launch attacks against "infidels" during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. Ansari, who replaced Abu Omar al-Muhajir as spokesperson in August 2023 following his arrest, also praised the recent Moscow terror attack.

Ansari's speech, titled "By Allah, this matter will be made possible," further called upon Muslims to migrate and join IS affiliates around the world. He portrayed the establishment of the Caliphate as a pivotal moment and highlighted their global reach, extending to Mozambique in Africa.

Heightened security measures

Ansari's rhetoric, particularly his endorsement of violence against Christians and Jews, has prompted intelligence agencies to heighten security measures. Local law enforcement units in cities like Delhi and Mumbai have been advised to increase vigilance around religious establishments, community centers, and Chabad Houses.

Security recommendations for religious institutions

An internal security note circulated among agencies recommends the following measures for religious centers:

  • Increased presence of uniformed officers at major gatherings and cultural sites.
  • Restriction of access to premises, ensuring proper functioning of security cameras and alarms.
  • Conducting regular perimeter sweeps and screening of mail and packages.