Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting results in one casualty; law enforcement efforts underway

On February 14 an open firing took place during the Kansas City Chiefs parade. One person lost their life and 21 individuals faced injuries.

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Courtesy: X/KansasCity

On Feb 14 during the Kansas City Chiefs parade where NFL champion Chiefs had gathered in honor of their victory, a tragic turn of events took place. An open firing resulted in one casualty and left 21 people wounded. 

Fire Department Chief Ross Grundyson disclosed that 15 of those injured face life-threatening wounds. Footage circulating on social media reveals the crowd dispursing frantically while many uniformed police officers rushed inside the building with armed weapons. Police Chief Stacey Graves stated that three people have been detained outside of the Union Station "and under investigation for today's incident." She further informed that investigators have been assigned but the motive behind the shooting is not found.

Police Officer's public statement:

One person was shot and killed and several others injured in a barrage of gunfire outside a landmark railroad station in Kansas City, Missouri, where the NFL champion Chiefs were celebrating their Super Bowl victory 

Statements delivered by government, medical, and sports officials

The NFL has released a statement remarking, "We are deeply saddened by the senseless shooting that occurred in Kansas City today following the Chiefs’ celebration. Our thoughts are with the victims and everyone affected."

Police Chief Stacey Graves expressed, “I’m angry at what happened today. The people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment.”
At the parade Missouri’s Republican Gov. 

Mike Parson and First Lady Teresa Parson were present. None of them were hurt and thanked the officials for providing them with aid. Parson stated, “Thanks to the professionalism of our security officers and first responders, Teresa and I and our staff are safe and secure.”

Mayor Quinton Lucas conveyed grief by stating “This is absolutely a tragedy, the likes of which we never would have expected in Kansas City."

Laurel Gifford is the spokesperson for St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. She revealed, “When you have this many casualties, it’s going to get spread out among a lot of hospitals so that you don’t overwhelm any single ER.” At least five people among the wounded were moved to University Health Hospital. 

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes conveyed prayers:

Praying for Kansas City… 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Law enforcement effort 

Mayor Quinton Lucas is working alongside other mayors from the United States of America in efforts to advocate for new legislation regarding mitigating gun violence. This consists of a proposal for enforcing conclusory universal background checks. Mayor Lucas was present at the event with his mother and wife. He has expressed heartbreak and anger towards what he witnessed.  

A spokesperson from the White House has stated that President Joe Biden has been informed about the shooting incident and he will keep track of all updates. To help with law enforcement efforts White House officials are coordinating with state and local authorities.  

White House officials have been in communication with state and local authorities, and federal law enforcement personnel are present at the scene to assist local law enforcement efforts.