Monitoring situation closely: Finland PM after 12-year-old opens fire, injures 3 at school

Finland Shooting incident has sent shockwaves after three children got injured.

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Courtesy: wikimediacommons

The Finland police detained a 12-year-old student Tuesday over the suspicion of opening fire and injuring at least three fellow students at a school in Vantaa, northeast of the capital Helsinki.

According to the updates, the police were alerted soon after the incident at around 9 am local time. Images that surfaced on social media from the spot showed a large number of police personnel at the school, along with 800 pupils and 90 staff and is attended by children aged 7 to 15. 

The suspect was in custody by 10:08 am. However, they did not disclose the kind of weapon used in the incident, besides the fact it was a firearm.

Condemning the action and expressing grief over the deaths of young children, Petteri Orpo, the prime minister took it to his X handle, saying, “The shooting scene in Vantaa deeply shocks. My thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones and the other students and staff of Viertola school. We are following the situation closely and are waiting for updated information from the authorities.”

Noteworthy here is, that this is not the first time, before this also, four such similar incidents were reported in Finland in past 35 years. 

The first similar incident happened in 1989 when two teenagers were killed by a fellow student in Rauma. Another incident happened in 2008 when a 22-year-old shot and killed 10 people.