Over 25,000 dead in Gaza, say Hamas with no end in sight for Israeli offense

The Israeli military had announced early in January that Hamas no longer has command in the north with its command dismantled, leaving only isolated fighters.

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In a recent update on the Gaza war, the Hamas-run health ministry has reported that over 25000 people have died due to Israel’s continued efforts to eradicate Hamas completely from the region. 

As both sides engage in renewed clashes Gaza gets covered in dust and destruction with Israel pushing forward its push against Hamas in southern Gaza. This southern offensive adds to bombardments in Gaza's north.

Renewed Israeli strikes in North Gaza 

The Israeli military had announced early in January that Hamas no longer has command in the north with its command dismantled, leaving only isolated fighters. However, witnesses have said that the Israeli naval boats were heavily shelling northern areas of Gaza City and other northern zones on Sunday.

Thick plumes of smoke were also seen over the southern city of Khan Yunis on Sunday morning.

Israeli operation in South Gaza 

The Hamas government media office has said that there was continued shelling in the southern city of Khan Yunis that prevented the transportation of many injured and dead to the hospital. Dozens of people are still considered to be trapped under the rubble.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army said that a number of terrorists have been eliminated in Khan Yunis. They also said that 15 operatives have also been killed in northern Gaza over the past day.

October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel 

Israel holds Hamas responsible for the attacks in early October that killed around 1,140 Israelis, mostly civilians. This attack is considered to be the deadliest attack on Israeli soil in the decades-long struggle between the two making Israel vow to eradicate Hamas from the face of earth.

Over 25,105 people have been killed due to Israel's relentless bombardment and ground offense which mostly included women and children, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

Hostages held in poor conditions, says Israel

Israel says Hamas operatives seized about 250 hostages during the October 7 attacks. Israel believes at least 27 have died in custody.

On Saturday, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari announced that its forces in Khan Yunis discovered a tunnel where hostages were held in “difficult conditions without daylight...with little oxygen and terrible humidity."

After a battle with the operatives the Israeli soldiers entered the tunnel in which “the terrorists were eliminated,” Hagari said.

Netanyanu's PM seat at risk 

With over 130 hostages remaining in Gaza, Israel's government faces immense pressure to secure their release while investigating failures that allowed the October 7 attacks.

Protests were also witnessed on Saturday evening across Israel demanding the release of hostages and conducting early elections to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With the intense displeasure of the Israeli citizens Netanyahu is under immense pressure to keep his PM seat.

The father of a hostage killed mistakenly by Israeli troops told the media that Netanyahu's war cabinet was heading for disaster.

Diplomatic efforts seek aid, possible truce

The Palestinian UN agency warns that up to 1.7 million people have been displaced in Gaza and urgently require better humanitarian access and provisions to prevent famine and disease. It also added that about one million of the displaced people are concentrated in the Rafah area bordering Egypt.

Diplomatic attempts continue to secure more Gaza aid and potentially a ceasefire, after a brief truce in November that saw Hamas release dozens of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

Regional tensions remain high

Violence meanwhile continues escalating in the occupied West Bank, stoking fears of wider Mideast clashes involving Iran-backed militant groups in nearby countries.

Iranian media said an Israeli airstrike in Syria killed five Revolutionary Guard members on Saturday, killing IRGC personnel including a senior spy chief in an attack Iran vowed to retaliate over.

The Gaza war continues inflicting massive destruction and loss of life, with Israel showing no signs of relenting military action despite the human catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. As diplomats race to broker relief for civilians and de-escalate violence, the crisis shows no signs yet of abating.