Pakistan bus plunges claiming 10 lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Speeding led to tragedy when a bus driver failed to maneuver a tight bend, causing the vehicle to plunge into a deep ravine and claim 10 lives, authorities reported.

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A tragic bus accident in northwest Pakistan left at least 10 dead and 15 injured late Tuesday night. The overcrowded bus was travelling to a remote village in the mountainous Haripur district when it failed to negotiate a sharp turn at high speed and plunged into a ravine, according to local police.

The deceased passengers included men, women and children who were unable to escape from the tumbling vehicle. Villagers and police officers worked urgently to retrieve the bodies and injured from the wreckage in the gorge. The horrific scene unfolded under the cover of darkness, lit only by the headlights of the mangled bus.

Rescue workers transported the injured to the nearest hospital in Khanpur. Three victims with critical injuries were airlifted to the better-equipped Haripur Trauma Center. The local mayor and other senior officials visited the hospital to check on the status of the injured.

Meanwhile in central Punjab, a speeding car struck and killed a student while injuring two others in Khanewal district Wednesday morning. The three youths were walking to school when the vehicle slammed into them without warning, according to witnesses.

Deadly road accidents like these highlight the endemic issue of unsafe driving practices across Pakistan. A lack of traffic enforcement coupled with reckless behavior by drivers routinely puts innocent lives at risk. Urgent reforms including stricter licensing procedures, increased police patrols and safety education campaigns are needed to prevent further needless tragedies on the nation's highways.