US: Woman spends 15 hours stuck on gondola lift in Lake Tahoe

US: Laso was all alone in the gondola lift, stranded in the sky for the whole night.

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Courtesy: X/@skipedia

US: In the ongoing winter season, activities like skiing and snowboarding are among the substantial choices for millions of Americans. However, adventure sports can sometimes turn into a bad dream. Recently, a woman had spent 15 hours on a gondola lift at a Lake Tahoe ski resort in freezing temperatures. She was stuck in the report.

How was she stuck on the gondola lift?

Reportedly on Thursday, along with her friends, Monica Laso went to Heavenly Ski Resort for winter sports activities. According to local media reports, she got on the gondola lift at around 4:58 PM. Also, it was getting late, so she didn't want to snowboard down the hill. However, as per KRCA, the lift stopped functioning within two minutes of boarding.

Laso was all alone in the gondola lift, stranded in the sky for the whole night. The National Weather Service said that the lowest temperature that night was 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Speaking to media persons she said that she kept rubbing her hands and feet all night to stay warm. She also explained that despite yelling, nobody heard her. She didn't have her cellphone, hence she was unable to make the call for help either.

She said, "I didn't have a phone, a light or anything. I screamed desperately until I lost my voice."

After she went missing, her friends reported to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office to find her. However, Monica Laso wasn't found until Friday. after the gondola started working again.

Resceue deartement respods

LA Times reported on Friday morning, that the South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue received a call at around 8:30 AM about a woman suffering from cold exposure. , A spokesperson for the Fire Rescue department, Sallie Ross said, "They assessed her and she did not choose to be transported. It sounds like she wasn’t injured or anything, but she definitely didn’t have a great night, that’s for sure,"

Moreover, in a statement, the resort's vice president and chief operating officer, Tom Fortune said, "The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority at Heavenly Mountain Resort."