Will Netanyahu be arrested? US is outraged, ready to respond in THIS way

Being an ally, the Biden-administration is standing rock-hard with Israel. Americans are outraged with the ICC's intention of apprehending Benjamin Netanyahu.

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New Delhi: The possibility of an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked outrage, particularly within the United States. Reports indicate that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is considering issuing warrants not only against Netanyahu but also against the Israeli Defense Minister and the IDF Chief in connection with the recent violence in the Gaza Strip.

Death toll in Gaza surpasses 34,000

The escalating death toll in Gaza, surpassing 34,000, predominantly comprising innocent civilians, has drawn condemnation from numerous international bodies, including the United Nations. Despite calls for restraint, Netanyahu has remained steadfast in his military operations in the region.

Democrats, Republicans issue major warnings

Lawmakers from both major parties in the US have issued warnings to the ICC, cautioning against any action targeting Israeli officials. They have threatened retaliation should arrest warrants be issued. The ICC's potential move has ignited tensions between the US and the international court.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul has indicated that efforts are underway to pass legislation sanctioning ICC officials. However, there is speculation that the ICC may reconsider its stance in response to US pressure.

US House speaker criticizes ICC's intentions

US House Speaker Mike Johnson has strongly criticized the ICC's reported intentions, denouncing them as detrimental to US national security interests. He warns of potential repercussions, suggesting that failure to challenge the ICC's actions could set a precedent endangering US sovereignty.

This development follows previous instances of the ICC pursuing action against world leaders, including an arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin for alleged offenses during the conflict in Ukraine.