‘Dog ate biscuit after I handed it to its owner': Rahul Gandhi replies on viral video controversy

Rahul Gandhi has responded to the recent controversy around viral video of offering biscuit to dog that has ignited backlash

Sonia Dham
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Courtesy: ANI

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, dismissed the outcry on Tuesday over a widely shared video that purportedly showed him giving a biscuit to a supporter after a dog declined it.

Gandhi responded to the backlash that the video caused by explaining that he had gone to the dog and its owner ‘because the dog was shivering’ and that the dog appeared afraid, so he ‘handed over the biscuit to the owner.’

While addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the Congress leader said, "The dog and the owner came to me. The dog was shivering and frightened. So I gave the dog a biscuit but he got scared. Then, I gave the dog's owner the biscuit," says Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, responding to a media query about his viral video. He added, "No, he is not a Congress worker. I don't know what's their (BJP's) obsession with dogs."

After the BJP posted a video on social media showing the Gandhi giving a biscuit to a dog while on his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Jharkhand, the video quickly gained attention.

In a video that was uploaded by on social media, Rahul Gandhi is seen giving a biscuit to a shivering puppy. The Lok Sabha MP gives the biscuit to a close supporter possibly the owner who feeds the dog when the animal hesitates.

However, the video shared by Amit Malviya shares a different angle of the it. Sharing it through his X handle, Malviya captioned it, “Just a few days ago, Congress President Kharge ji compared the party's booth agents to dogs and here Rahul Gandhi is feeding biscuits to a dog during his visit and when the dog did not eat, he gave the same biscuits to his worker. If a party whose president and crown prince treats its party workers like dogs, then it is natural for such a party to disappear.”

The video was filmed during Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra, a nationwide march that he is leading to protest against the policies of the Narendra Modi government. In the video, Gandhi is seen offering a packet of dog biscuits to a party worker. The worker refuses the biscuits, and the video has been widely shared on social media, with many people accusing Gandhi of disrespecting the worker. However, the video did not reveal what happened next.