'Goli maar dunga...' Azad Samaj party founder Chandrashekhar receives death threat

Chandrashekhar, the candidate from the Nagina Lok Sabha seat and the chief of the Azad Samaj Party, received a gunshot threat. Earlier, after facing a threat in Meerut, he was granted Y-category security recently.

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Bhim Army chief and founder of the Azad Samaj Party, Chandrashekhar, who contested in the Lok Sabha elections from the Nagina seat in Uttar Pradesh, faced a threatening situation as he received a gunshot threat. In response to this alarming development, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) district president Karanveer Shahid, accompanied by party workers, promptly visited the police station to discuss the matter with the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

District President Karanveer Singh highlighted that an audio clip had surfaced on social media, swiftly reaching the attention of the party. The audio contained a young man's voice issuing a direct threat to shoot Chandrashekhar. Questions arose regarding the origin and motive behind the threat, but definitive answers were yet to be ascertained. Nonetheless, efforts were underway to trace the source through the mobile number associated with the threat. An official complaint, along with the audio evidence, was in the process of being lodged with SSP Dr. Vipin Tada.

This recent threat was not an isolated incident, considering that approximately eight months ago, Chandrashekhar had faced an attack where shots were fired at him but narrowly missed. In response to that incident, four suspects were apprehended in connection with the assault.

Moreover, Chandrashekhar had encountered another threat just a few days ago, originating from Meerut. Subsequently, due to these escalating security concerns, he was provided with Y-category security last week as a precautionary measure.