Online game addict female officer fails to pay her debt; Commits THIS heinous crime

Supervisor of the Women and Child Development Department Sarla lost money in the online game of rummy and, fearing debt, killed herself by hanging in her hometown of Chatua. A suicide note has also been left by the woman.

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In the Madhya Pradesh district of Chhindwara, a woman officer of the Women and Child Development Department committed suicide after reportedly experiencing financial difficulties. The woman had a fast and easy addiction to playing internet games. After becoming trapped in online games and losing lakhs of rupees, she was under a lot of stress. The local police arrived at the scene after learning of the occurrence, prepared a panchnama, and transported the body for a postmortem. The police have opened an investigation and filed a case.

Hanging from a noose in her home was the body of Sarla Salam, a supervisor for the Women and Child Development Department who lived in Chatua village, Junnardev police station area, Chhindwara district. It is stated that Sarla took out a home loan, and in order to pay it back, she fell victim to an internet gaming trap. Online gaming caused her to accrue additional debt. To play this game, Sarla had also borrowed money from a number of her relatives. She locked herself in the room and killed herself when the sum she had lost increased significantly and there was no way to get it back.The late lady The spouse of Sarla Salam teaches in the education department as well. The wife made the incorrect decision and their lovely family was shattered, despite the fact that she and her husband both worked for the government and had nice lives.

The woman had written a suicide note

The state has seen a steady rise in the addiction to online gaming these days. Through large cities, this addiction has now spread to rural areas. Sarla Salam, the supervisor of Junnardev's Women and Child Development Department, killed herself by hanging in her home village of Chatua after losing money in the online game of rummy because she was afraid of going into debt. When the police arrived, they found the suicide note that the woman had left behind. The matter is being looked into by the police. 

SDOP Junnandev According to Rajesh Banjara, there was a report to the police indicating that a woman had killed herself by hanging. After arriving at the scene, the police removed the body, prepared a Panchnama, and sent it for a postmortem examination. On the surface, it appeared that the woman had taken out numerous debts from different people and was an online gamer. Additionally, it is reported that the woman took out a home loan, which she was repaying by playing games online in order to make money. The matter is being looked into by the police.