Emergency landing! Indian army chopper safely touches down in Sangli amid technical glitch

The Indian Army stated that the helicopter conducted a precautionary landing due to excessive vibrations experienced by the pilot while airborne, ensuring the safety of all personnel on board.

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On Saturday, an Indian Army helicopter that was en route from Nashik to Bangalore carrying logistics and medical supplies faced a technical snag, leading to an emergency landing in an open field in Miraj, Sangli.

The Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv, carrying three army personnel, touched down outside a temple in Erandoli village, Sangli district, as a precautionary measure due to excessive vibrations experienced by the pilot mid-flight. The Indian Army confirmed that all personnel on board were safe.

In a statement, an Indian Army spokesperson stated, “An ALH Dhruv helicopter of the Indian Army had to make a precautionary landing in a field near a village in Sangli district of Maharashtra. The chopper experienced excessive vibrations in the air. The chopper has now flown back to Nasik military station.”

This incident comes after a recent occurrence where an Indian Air Force (IAF) Chetak helicopter made a safe precautionary landing in Didwana village, Rajasthan, due to an engine chip warning light. Similarly, no casualties were reported in that incident.

However, a tragic incident involving an Indian Navy Chetak helicopter occurred at the runway of INS Garuda, Kochi, where a naval seaman lost his life. The naval helicopter was involved in a ground accident during routine maintenance taxi checks.