Five individuals, including a minor, detained for fatally beating 14-yr-old boy in Delhi

The deceased's father accused individuals of kidnapping and fatally assaulting his son. Police apprehended five individuals, one of whom was a juvenile.

Shantanu Poswal
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In a tragic incident, authorities in Delhi's Narela area arrested five individuals, including a juvenile, for their alleged involvement in the fatal beating of a 14-year-old boy on March 31. The suspects were identified as Deepak, Prateek, Ayush (19), Siwansh (19), Mohit (21), along with a 17-year-old juvenile. The victim, after being brutally assaulted, was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer north) Ravi Kumar Singh provided details about the case, stating, "On April 1, the Narela police received information from a hospital regarding an unidentified deceased boy. An FIR was promptly registered, initiating an investigation into the matter."

The investigation gained momentum when hospital authorities handed over a mobile phone found with the victim, containing a crucial phone call from someone claiming to be the victim's father.

The victim's father, upon arriving at the hospital, identified his son's body and alleged that his son had been abducted and fatally attacked by two individuals named Deepak and Prateek.

Subsequent police inquiries led to the apprehension of Deepak, who confessed during questioning that he operated a business renting batteries to local shopkeepers. Suspecting the victim and his friend of stealing these batteries, Deepak, accompanied by Prateek, visited the victim's residence on March 31 to inquire about the missing items.

DCP Singh elaborated on the sequence of events, revealing, "Upon agreeing to meet near Talab in Bankner village after recharging his phone, the victim was confronted by Deepak, Prateek, and Siwansh regarding the alleged theft. The situation escalated as Deepak and Siwansh physically assaulted the victim with a cable, later joined by their associates Mohit, Ayush, and the juvenile."

The assailants forcefully abducted the victim, transporting him on a motorcycle to an agricultural area in Lampur village, where they subjected him to a fatal beating, resulting in severe injuries across his body.

Authorities managed to apprehend Ayush, Siwansh, Mohit, and the juvenile on Thursday, with ongoing efforts to locate and detain Prateek, who remains at large.