No challans at night! New directive from Gurugram police to cease night time vehicle stoppage

The Gurugram Traffic Police also issued a warning that police personnel who do not adhere to the rules will face strict disciplinary action.

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Following numerous complaints about vehicle checking at night, the Gurugram Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Traffic, Virendra Vij, has directed that no traffic challans be issued during night hours unless absolutely necessary. The directive, aimed at minimising inconvenience to drivers, requires higher authority approval before any challans can be issued after dark.

In a letter dated May 28, DCP Vij instructed, "Traffic Inspectors are ordered to command all employees under their jurisdiction that no vehicle should be stopped at night and no challan should be issued. If it is very necessary to issue a challan to a driver as per the Motor Vehicles Act, it should be done only after bringing it to the notice of the concerned gazetted officer and obtaining permission."

Strict Enforcement and Consequences

The DCP warned that any officer not adhering to these guidelines would face strict disciplinary action. "The orders should be strictly followed. In case of negligence and carelessness, strict departmental action will be taken against the concerned traffic police officer as per rules with immediate effect," the letter emphasised.

The initiative aims to ensure smooth traffic movement and address the challenges faced by drivers during nighttime travel in Gurugram. Night traffic police personnel are deployed to facilitate safe and hassle-free travel for the public.

Concerns Raised Over Traffic Police Conduct

However, the DCP’s letter highlighted that some traffic personnel have been stopping vehicles unnecessarily and harassing drivers at night. "The traffic police personnel deployed at night are unnecessarily stopping vehicles of common people and harassing them, as well as issuing unnecessary challans," the letter noted.

DCP Vij clarified the intended role of night traffic personnel, stating, "The traffic personnel deployed at night should guide and help the common people and drivers, arranging safe routes to their destinations. In case of a road accident, the injured should be immediately admitted to the nearest trauma center, and accident-hit vehicles should be removed from the main road to ensure smooth traffic flow."

Impact and Public Reaction

Following the directive, there have been concerns about increased traffic violations at night. Observations indicate that some drivers are now flouting traffic rules, leading to reckless driving and increased accidents.

Despite the new directive, DCP Vij assured that the traffic police would remain vigilant against drunk driving. Regular nighttime campaigns against drunk drivers will continue to ensure safety on the roads.

The DCP emphasised, "The traffic police will continue to be strict against drunk drivers at night to prevent major accidents." Regular operations will be conducted to curb drunk driving and other reckless behaviors on Gurugram's roads, ensuring overall safety and compliance with traffic regulations.