Rajasthan Lift Collapse: All officials trapped under mine rescued safely

All trapped officials of the vigilance team have been rescued safely after a 12-hour long operation.

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Courtesy: ani

All 14 people, including members of a Kolkata vigilance team who were trapped inside mine after the lift collapse at Hindustan Copper Limited Kolihan mines in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district are rescued safely. According to the recent updates, three of them have suffered serious injuries and have been referred to Jaipur Hospital for treatment. However, some people have suffered hand and leg fractures. 

The rescue has been done with the help of a ladder. Officials have been taken out from a depth of 577 meters at Kolihan mines. 

How did the incident happen?

According to preliminary investigations, the incident happened when the officials were going towards the shaft for the inspection. The rope of the lift broke when they all were about to come up. Following this they all stuck in the mine. Reportedly nine ambulances reached the spot for the rescue operations on Tuesday night.