Republic Day Advisory: Home Ministry urges dignified disposal of paper flags in private

'The Ministry of Home Affairs has requested that such paper flags be disposed of privately after events, in a way that upholds the flag's dignity,' read the official statement.

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In anticipation of Republic Day celebrations across India on 26 January, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has circulated an advisory to all states and union territories urging proper disposal of paper flags after public events. These paper flags are often used by citizens during important national, cultural and sporting occasions as a patriotic symbol.

“The MHA requests that any paper flags utilised by the public during such events must be respectfully disposed of in private after use. This is critical to upholding the dignity of the flag,” read an excerpt from the circular issued by the ministry.

Republic Day

The advisory emphasised that dropping these flags carelessly on the ground after an event concludes is unacceptable and diminishes the significance of the tricolour. States have been requested to launch public awareness campaigns to encourage people to retain used paper flags and cut or shred them privately at home rather than discarding them disrespectfully in public spaces.

The MHA’s precautionary circular aims to instil a greater sense of patriotic duty among citizens regarding the proper handling of national symbols, especially for upcoming Republic Day events. Officials expressed hope that the states will proactively cooperate to spread this message.