RN Ravi considers himself above Supreme Court: CJI lashes on TN Governor's conduct

The governor has declined to allow Ponmudi to be re-inducted. The Supreme Court recently halted Ponmudi's conviction and three-year term in a case involving excessive assets.

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CJI recently, in a statement, said that RN Ravi considers himself above the Supreme Court. The SC recently ordered Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi to make a decision on the matter within 24 hours, expressing grave concern over his unwillingness to reappoint senior DMK leader K Ponmudi as a minister in the state cabinet. Ravi was allegedly disobeying the Supreme Court.

The governor's shocking disapproval

Despite Chief Minister MK Stalin's advice, the governor has declined to re-induct Ponmudi, whose conviction and three-year term in a case involving disproportionate assets were recently stayed by the Supreme Court. The Attorney General, speaking for the Governor, was scolded by a three-judge panel led by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud for saying that Ponmudi's reapduction would go against constitutional morals.

SC's state at the situation

The bench, comprising Justices JB Pardiwala and Manoj Misra, spoke to AG R Venkataramani, mentioning that they have grave concerns over the governor's behavior and that his disobeying the SC of India, is something that they did not want to openly discuss in court. They mentioned that the governor must now be informed that a conviction remains in effect after the Supreme Court stays it.

CJI spits fire at the situation! 

The CJI reiterated that the Judiciary shall issue an order to instruct the governor to act in accordance with the Constitution. Regarding the governor of Tamil Nadu and his actions, the SC has grave concerns. He is not supposed to be doing this. The Chief Justice declared, "He is going up against the Supreme Court." "We are keeping an eye out and will make a decision tomorrow. We take our concerns very seriously," 

Declaring that it would go against constitutional morals, the governor has declined to bring the senior DMK leader and former minister of higher education back into the state cabinet.

The state administration has asked the governor to follow the guidance and recommendations of Chief Minister MK Stalin's council of ministers.