Suresh Gopi to quit Modi 3.0 Cabinet hours after taking oath? Here's what BJP's first-ever Kerala MP says

Will Suresh Gopi step down from Modi 3.0 cabinet just hours after oath-taking? BJP's first Kerala MP dismisses rumors

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Only hours after taking the oath of office as the Minister of State, actor and BJP MP Suresh Gopi allegedly "wants to quit," according to the Kerala section of the Congress on Monday. The Kerala chapter of the Congress poked fun at the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday by posting a video clip on X, a platform that was formerly Twitter. They said that Gopi, who became a minister on Sunday, now "wants to go because he wants to produce films!"

Actor and BJP MP Suresh Gopi 'wants to quit', just hours after taking the oath of office as the Minister of State, the Kerala unit of the Congress claimed on Monday. On Monday, the Kerala chapter of the Congress made fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party by uploading a video clip to the former Twitter site, X. Gopi, who became a minister on Sunday, allegedly "wants to quit because he wants to produce films," according to them.

Denial in cards 

The BJP MP allegedly denied the allegation, telling CNBC-TV18, "I have been sworn in and I have already accepted the cabinet job." The lone and first BJP MP from Kerala is Suresh Gopi. He was victorious in the recently held Lok Sabha Elections 2024 for the Thrissur seat. Gopi came to represent Kerala's pledge of the "Modiyude Guarantee," or "Modi's Guarantee." On Sunday, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, he was sworn in and admitted into the Union Council of Ministers under Prime Minister Modi's administration.

Gopi had previously declared, "As an MP, I can handle the work of many ministries," upon her election to the Lok Sabha from Thrissur. I have no desire to become a minister. New, cutting-edge working platforms may emerge." According to the media, he stated, "All I ask is for the ministries concerned to undertake a project that I go with with dedication for the people of Kerala."

Election and cabinate  

He told ANI on June 4, the day the election results showed he had won, "I am in a really delighted mood." For the past seven years, it has been an emotional journey rather than a 62-day campaign process—what was once utterly unattainable has now become gloriously achievable.I am employed by Kerala as a whole. Having AIIMS will be my first choice."Gopi had declared on June 9, the day of the swearing-in event, that he did not anticipate being in the Council of Ministers. "I have to work to expand the BJP in the South as an MP," he said to the media.