Uttarakhand assembly passes UCC Bill, becomes first state to do so

Uttarakhand becomes the first state in India to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

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Courtesy: ANI

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami-led state government passed The Uniform Civil Code2024 Bill on Wednesday. By doing so, Uttarakhand becomes the first state in India to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

During the Uttarakhand Assembly session, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami addressed the issue of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), emphasizing the constitutional mandate. He said that after independence, Article 44 of the Constitution granted states the authority to implement the Uniform Civil Code when deemed appropriate.

He added, "People have doubts regarding this. We made the draft as per the constitutional system."

In the press conference, Uttarakhand CM expresses his thoughts on the much-awaited Bill. He said, "Today is a special day for Uttarakhand; The bill which had been long awaited, for which there had been a demand for a long time has been passed in the Uttarakhand Assembly."

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill was passed with a comfortable majority during a special session. The Bill proposed similar laws for all communities as it was tabled yesterday during the special session by Pushkar Singh Dhami. He said," Our government had promised to bring a uniform civil code to Uttarakhand to realize the mantra of 'One India, a Better India'."

The CM highlighted that more than 2.32 lakh suggestions were received and more than 10 percent of the residents in the state gave their suggestions for the formulation of the law. 

In a scathing critique aimed at the preceding state and central administrations, Chief Minister Dhami raised questions during his address. He said, "A long period of time passed. We celebrated Amrit Mahotsav. But the truth was not accepted even after the Shah Bano case of 1985."

CM Dhami questions delayed implementation of UCC

Furthermore, CM Dhami questioned the delayed realization of these truths. He pondered over the lack of attempts to implement the Uniform Civil Code, even during periods when governments held decisive majorities. He asked why women were not granted equal rights and why political considerations took precedence over national interests.

Expressing dismay over the perpetuation of societal divisions, CM Dhami raised concerns about the persistence of discord between various communities. He lamented the creation of rifts and the preservation of differences among citizens, highlighting the need for greater unity and harmony in the nation.

The CM added that the Uniform Civil Code Bill can be amended in the future if there is a need to include specific clauses.
"We can amend UCC (act) in the future if there is a need to include specific clause," CM Dhami said.

Provision of UCC

According to the UCC Bill, the minimum age of marriage will be 18 for women and 21 for men in all communities. Registration is mandatory for marriages in all religions. On the other hand, no divorce petition will be filed after the completion of one year.