Vlogger claims RPF officer tries to touch his private parts on train; What happened next will SHOCK you

Samal described being woken up in the middle of the night by a bright torch light shone directly at his face.

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New Delhi: A Delhi-based travel vlogger and travel agent, Deepak Samal (30), has alleged molestation by a man in uniform aboard the Donyi Polo Express train traveling from Guwahati to Rangapara North Junction in Assam. The incident reportedly occurred on April 25th during Samal's journey in the train's sleeper coach.

Woken up by torchlight, mistaken for routine check

Samal described being woken up in the middle of the night by a bright torch light shone directly at his face. Disoriented, he saw a muscular man in uniform peering down at him. Assuming it was an RPF officer conducting a standard check, Samal answered the man's questions about his identity and travel plans.

Close proximity and inappropriate touch

The situation took a disturbing turn when the officer, after questioning, sat uncomfortably close to Samal on his berth, despite limited space due to the vlogger's backpack. Though initially surprised, Samal attributed it to tiredness and the officer's presumed authority.

However, the alleged molestation began shortly after. Samal was jolted awake again, this time feeling an elbow touch his private parts. Believing it might be accidental, he tried to return to sleep.

Horrifying act and flippant response

Samal's worst fears were confirmed when he was awakened yet again, this time by a deliberate grab at his private parts. He saw the same uniformed man and yelled in shock, demanding an explanation. The man's response was allegedly a chilling "time pass" before he hurriedly fled the coach.

Complaint filed despite missed opportunity

While contemplating filing a complaint at Rangapara station, Samal opted not to due to travel constraints. He later recounted the traumatic experience on his Instagram platform, where he claims to have received messages from others who faced similar ordeals.

Samal has since filed a formal complaint with Railway Madad, the official grievance redressal portal for Indian Railways. Railway authorities have acknowledged the incident and confirmed an ongoing investigation.