Who is Aparna Thakur, alleged second wife of actor turned-politician Ravi Kishan?

Aparna Thakur urged Ravi Kishan to legally adopt Shenova and ensure her rights, seeking intervention from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

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A press conference held by Aparna Thakur and her daughter Shenova has stirred controversy, as they publicly claimed to be associated with actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ravi Kishan. This has ignited drama in the political landscpe of Uttar Pardesh? 

Who is Aparna Thakur? 

According to reports, Aparna Thakur resides in Lucknow and she came in contact with Ravi Kishan in 1995 when she was a journalist. Aparna Thakur asserted that she has been married to the actor-politician since 1996, alleging that Ravi has refused to acknowledge their daughter, Shenova, in public. She also claimed that the marriage was held in Bombay's Malad in front of his whole family. 

Demand for acceptance

Shenova, speaking at the press conference, recounted her discovery of her father's identity at the age of 15. Despite earlier interactions with Ravi Kishan, she expressed disappointment at his absence from her life, urging him to accept her publicly. Thakur presented photographic evidence to support their claims, warning of legal action if Ravi Kishan continued to disregard their requests.

Legal recourse

Thakur urged Ravi Kishan to legally adopt Shenova and ensure her rights, seeking intervention from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. While acknowledging past communication with Ravi, Thakur emphasized their recent lack of contact and clarified her intention to pursue legal avenues for Shenova's rights without filing a police complaint against Ravi.

What is Ravi Kishan's response to Aparna Thakur's allegations?

Despite attempts to contact Ravi Kishan for comment, his representative informed that the actor-MP was unavailable due to travel commitments. Ravi's marital status, already known to the public, remains unchanged, with his representative reiterating his family background.

Ravi Kishan's wife lodges FIR against Aparna Thakur

Preeti Shukla, wife of Bharatiya Janata Party MP candidate from Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, Ravi Kishan, has lodged an FIR against the woman who is claiming to be the wife of a BJP MP. Ravi Kishan's wife has claimed that a Samajwadi Party leader is involved in this entire matter. She also stated that even a year ago, she had complained about blackmailing against this woman to the Mumbai Police.

Extortion demand of Rs 20 crore 

According to FIR, Preeti Shukla had also complained about the incident, where she was being blackmailed and asked to pay Rs 20 crore as extortion in Mumbai. 

Work front

Amidst the controversy, Ravi Kishan has recently appeared in the courtroom drama series "Maamla Legal Hai" and the directorial venture "Laapata Ladies". His absence from the ongoing developments has left the matter unresolved, awaiting his response upon his return.