Mark you calendars! Windows 10 extends security update but need to pay

Microsoft has revealed how much user has to pay to keep using Windows 10 securely.

Sonia Dham
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Courtesy: unsplash/windows

If you really want to continue using Windows 10 safely and securely, you have to pay $61 per year. Yes! You hear it right. Microsoft has recently announced that it will be ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025 and a user need to pay yearly if they want to continue using the operating system securely. The offer gives Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 10 users.

According to the information, the windows 10 Extended Security Update (ESU) program gives customers an option to receive security updates. Apart from this, the program also allows to the receive critical and important security updates for Windows 10 PCs when you need extra time to Windows 11.

The company further asserts that the upgradation to Windows 11 or transition will help you deliver the best.

According to the sources, the business will be charged at the price of $61 for the first year. After then, it will double to $122 for the following year, and then to $244 for the following year. Since the ESUs are cumulative, if you enroll in the program in year two, you will also be responsible for year one costs.

The price will get doubled every consecutive year, for a maximum of three years. If a user decides to jump into the program in Year Two, he has to pay for Year One too, as ESUs are cumulative.

The company in its official post also said that these prices will be applicable for the commercial organizations and the details for the consumers will be shared soon.