WhatsApp rolls out AI imagine feature: New way to generate images

WhatsApp is diving into the AI trend with the creation of a novel feature called AI Imagine. This feature allows users to generate AI images according to their preferences, enhancing the overall messaging experience.

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WhatsApp is gearing up to join the AI revolution in the tech world by introducing new AI features on its platform. According to reports, the messaging giant is in the process of developing another AI feature, which is expected to be rolled out soon for mass users. This upcoming feature will enable users to generate AI images of their choice directly within the app.

Development of the AI Feature

WhatsApp has been conducting tests on this feature, codenamed ‘Imagine,’ which is based on Meta's large language model. The feature will empower users to create images from text inputs, offering them a new level of creativity and expression.

According to information from WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates, the new AI feature was spotted in the Android version Users who have access to this feature can generate AI photos seamlessly within the app. The platform shared a screenshot showcasing the addition of a new option called ‘Imagine’ under the attachment menu for creating AI-generated photos.

Utilizing the AI Imagine Feature

The AI Imagine feature has been integrated into the attachment menu of WhatsApp. Beta users who have received this feature can create AI-generated images by simply tapping on ‘Imagine’ within the attachment options.

Meta AI Capabilities

Meta's AI platform already possesses image-generating capabilities, allowing users to create AI images based on text inputs. Users can access this feature by tagging @Meta AI in group chats, and it will appear in the attachment section of WhatsApp as ‘Imagine.’

Meta AI Integration with WhatsApp

Meta AI was introduced to WhatsApp in 2023 and has gradually expanded to selected regions. However, the availability of the AI Imagine feature is currently limited to regions where MetaAI is already accessible, such as America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other selected areas.