106 percent on report card? Investigation initiated as Gujarat 4th grader receives 212 marks out of 200

The mark sheet, which has gained significant attention online, displays a student enrolled at a primary school in Gujarat receiving 212 marks in mathematics out of a total of 200.

Shantanu Poswal
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A primary school in Gujarat’s Kharasana village recently found itself in the midst of a social media storm after a fourth-grade student, Vanshiben Manishbhai, scored more than the total marks allotted in two subjects. This incident has sparked discussions regarding the quality of education offered at the school.

Manishbhai reportedly scored 211 and 212 marks in Gujarati and Mathematics, respectively, despite the total marks for these subjects being set at 200. The error in calculation became evident during the result compilation process. However, the student was subsequently issued a revised mark sheet, which corrected the scores to 191 and 190 for Gujarati and Mathematics, respectively.

While the scores for the remaining subjects remained unchanged, the total marks were adjusted from 956 to 934 after rectifying the miscalculation.

The discrepancy came to light when Manishbhai, achieving an overall score of 93.40%, presented her mark sheet to her parents. The mark sheet displayed an 'A' grade across all subjects, including Gujarati, Mathematics, Environment, Hindi, and English.

Investigation and Past Incidents

An ongoing investigation aims to uncover the root cause of this notable error. This incident mirrors a similar case in 2023, when Mumbai University mistakenly awarded excessive marks in a mathematics examination. Notably, student Ayesha Ansari received 115 marks out of 100, while other students also received inflated scores ranging from 101 to 111 marks in the Group Theory subject during the fifth semester.