Bengaluru residents appreciate for remarkable 3-minute delivery, Blinkit CEO responds

Blinkit fulfilled Bengaluru resident Tanay Srivastava's order for a gujiya mould in three minutes. Albinder Dhindsa, the CEO of Blinkit, noticed his post of gratitude.

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Blinkit fulfilled an online gujiya mold order for a Bengaluru resident in an unprecedented three minutes. Tanay Srivastava, an X user, complimented the delivery app for "some amount of operational competence" in a March 22 "appreciation post." Albinder Dhindsa, the CEO of Blinkit, responded to his post.

More on the post

Tanay wrote in his post that they were unable to buy a new gujiya mold right away because his mother's had broken. They placed an order with Blinkit, and it was delivered in a mere three minutes. By sharing a picture of his mother holding the recently delivered gujiya mold and a screenshot of the bill details, he demonstrated Blinkit is quick delivery. He also stated in his post how this specific delivery altered his perception of the business.

Appreciation post were in order

Tanay's post read, “APPRECIATION POST! Mom’s gujiya mould broke. I couldn’t go to get one immediately. Ordered from Blinkit. It arrived in 3 freaking minutes. This is some level of operational excellence, Albinder Dhindsa. Two years ago, I believed that Blinkit was weak operationally. Perspective changed.”

Social media users took notice of the message immediately, and Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit, entered the discussion. "Glad we were able to modify your outlook," Dhindsa replied. "Happy Holi to you and the family," the business said, putting even more of a personal touch on its customer support. Over 7,000 people have viewed the message since it was published online. Individuals expressed their opinions in the post's comments area.

Spreading happyness 

This instance shows that, when it comes to online delivery apps, efficiency and speed are becoming more and more important factors in determining customer happiness.