Bizarre food trend goes viral as Gujarati man sells gold, silver panipuri | Watch video

The classic Pani Puri was reimagined by a food vendor who served it with thandai, honey, and dry fruits wrapped in gold and silver foil.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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India is renowned for its enticing street cuisine, rich history, and dynamic culture. But in recent years, strange food experiments have been documented online, leaving many people both intrigued and appalled. A peculiar blend featuring the well-liked Pani Puri has surfaced from Ahmedabad, Gujarat's streets. The classic dish has been reimagined by a street food vendor who serves it with thandai and dry fruits. Roadside carts are popular, but there are always worries about water quality and hygiene.

The gold-plated Golgappas!

The vloggers claim that Shareat is the first vendor in the nation to offer fried pani puri that is hygienic. This creative delicacy consists of six puris stuffed with thandai, dry fruits, and wrapped in foil in gold and silver.Social media responses to the cleanliness have been conflicting; some people have praised the ingenuity, while others contend that nothing compares to the flavor of roadside Pani Puri.

Vendor's creation 

Six flawlessly fried puris are included in the dish, which is first presented by the vendor on a gold plate in the film. The vendor starts assembling each puri, adding shredded almonds and a few entire cashew and pistachio bits. The merchant adds a substantial amount of honey and serves it with thandai in six small glasses to further intensify the flavour. Ultimately, gold and silver foils are meticulously applied to every puri.
The vlogger shared the video and said, "Gold & Silver Panipuri." The first hygienic live fried panipuri in India is called Shareat. I really enjoy the flavor; the fried poori and other components go so well together for such a delicious dish. You would adore it if you have a sweet craving, and you should definitely try their standard panipuri selection as well. The video of the gold and silver thandai Pani Puri that the culinary blogger posted on Instagram has gone viral. Would you consume it if you had the chance?