Bizarre food trend! Diesel Paratha video goes viral | WATCH

A viral video showing a cook in dhaba from Chandigarh cooking 'diesel paratha' has triggered widespread astonishment and concern among netizens.

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Courtesy: X/@nebula_world

A viral video uploaded on X has astonished the netizens. The video shows a cook in the dhaba of Chandigarh preparing paratha with a tin can of diesel. The video that has been shared by the social media handle of @nebula_world highlights the unhealthy and bizarre way of cooking paratha.

The cook, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, pours in a litre of oil in the paratha that the man cooking the video claims to be 'diesel'. 

Watch the video here:

What went into making this paratha?

The man talked about the ingredients contained in the paratha, which included potato mix, and said that he had been doing this for the last 35 years. 

Netizens shocked

This unhealthy way of cooking has stunned the netizens who are sharing their views on the cooking process. One of the users wrote, 'Where are food licensing and standards?, and another one said, "These are the reasons why our country has become the hub of cancer and diabetics!!No rules, no regulations, no hygiene, no food safety, and standards - Anybody can make anything!!

The video is spreading like wildfire. It has managed to gain over 450k views, 448 shares, and 339 comments in just few hours, becoming a focal point of discussion since it was first uploaded. 

Lack of food safety measures

The bizarre way of cooking the dish has left several individuals shaken. They are now questioning the concerned authorities, raising their doubts regarding the food safety norms. Some of the netizens fumed, expressing their disgust over the entire culinary experiment that the cook claimed to have been practicing for years. 

Humor mixed with infuriation

Some of the netizens made fun of the video, calling it staged and a way to gain public attention. They wrote that at least the cook wore a cap to prevent hair from contaminating the 'cancer paratha', 'FSSAI choked to death after wathing this,' and 'When you are a mechanic, but you become a chef for a day'.

Amidst the humor spreading online, there is a stark realisation of the potential health hazards and risks associated with this contaminated way of cooking and consuming roadside food prepared under questionable conditions