Final day of Russia's Presidential vote begins amidst accusations of Kyiv's sabotage

The election has already seen sporadic protests, yet recent developments in the conflict with Ukraine have significantly overshadowed the voting process.

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Courtesy: ANI

Russia commences its final day of presidential voting on Sunday amidst accusations from Moscow that Ukraine is conducting air attacks to disrupt the election, which is anticipated to extend President Vladimir Putin's tenure for another six years. 

According to officials, over half of Russian voters have already participated in the election during the initial two days of the three-day polling period. The last day of voting will serve as a litmus test for the country's opposition, which has urged all its supporters to vote simultaneously at noon, a move known as "Noon Against Putin."

While sporadic protests have emerged during the election, the recent developments in the conflict with Ukraine have cast a larger shadow over the voting process. Putin, on Friday, accused Kyiv of attempting to interfere with the election through heightened drone and missile attacks inside Russia and in territories held by Moscow in Ukraine. 


He also promised retribution against Ukraine. Local Russian authorities reported on Sunday that Kyiv's forces continued their assaults on Russian regions bordering Ukraine.

In his nightly video address on Saturday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy did not directly mention the reported attacks but expressed gratitude to the military and intelligence services "for the new Ukrainian long-range capabilities." Kyiv views the election being conducted in parts of its territory controlled by Russia as illegal and invalid. 

Military experts interpret Kyiv's daily strikes, primarily targeting energy and critical infrastructure, as an effort to destabilise Russians' sense of security and undermine Moscow's war efforts.