Fungus discovered on Cadbury Dairy Milk by Hyderabad resident, post garners attention

A citizen of Hyderabad files an online complaint after discovering fungus in Cadbury dairy milk.

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When you excitedly open a Cadbury Dairy Milk to satisfy your sweet tooth, you could be surprised to see fungus. Is not that an astounding revelation? That is just what occurred to a Hyderabadi resident, who quickly filed an online complaint. They urged the business to act by sending pictures of the tainted chocolate bar to "X."  Four pictures showing the different ailments of the chocolate—from white fungus to a huge hole at the back with melting and unsettling sides—were posted by the user @goooofboll. Interestingly, the chocolate was produced in January 2024 and had already beyond its expiration date by a full year. The OP noted that "the optimal expiration date is January 2024 for the processing of this dairy milk."

Is Dairy milk in trouble?

The manufacturing of these dairy products will begin in January 2024, and it is preferable to use them within a year after manufacture, as the original poster noted. When I opened it, I found them in this state. Inquire about this @DairyMilkIn. The article soon gained popularity and attracted comments from shoppers who were worried. "My experience with @DairyMilk was comparable."The bar had to discard it for 100 rupees. Though I did not give a damn, that is something they ought to consider," said one customer. Another person said, "This is obviously a case where the merchant is not keeping it in a cold spot which results in melting of chocolate and reformation." After receiving the complaint, Cadbury apologized for the bad experience and said that it works hard to uphold the highest standards of quality at Mondelez India Foods Private Limited, formerly known as Cadbury India Ltd. They urged the person to get in touch with them so they could resolve the issue.

Issues tampering with the quality have been there!

Another incidence was reported by user Robin Zaccheus of "X," who said he saw a worm crawling on a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate just as he was going to enjoy it. He quickly notified the business and the authorities by posting a video of the worm and the purchase receipt on X, the former Twitter. According to Robin, he purchased the chocolate from a Ratnadeep Retail location at the Hyderabad Ameerpet Metro station. A Times of India story states that after an inspection by food safety regulators, roughly 20 samples of the chocolate were seized, and Cadbury was given the order to recall all items with the same batch number.