Girl's high-energy Bhojpuri dance wows commuters on crowded train | WATCH

On social media, a reel has sparked discussion. In the train, a girl is dancing to Bhojpuri tunes. which has already been viewed by over a lakh people, and the movie also highlights the users' responses. Actually, an Instagram influencer created this video.

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Reels have also established themselves in today's hectic world. While some people like creating reels, others just enjoy watching them. But, the practice of creating reels has become much more popular these days, and it occasionally annoys other people.

People have been creating reels of themselves dancing, singing, and pulling practical jokes in trains, metro stations, public spaces, etc. for a while now. In the meantime, a female on the moving train danced to Bhojpuri tunes. Indeed, the girl's video of herself dancing on a moving train in West Bengal went viral. 

Social anxiety is also scared of Saheli!

You might be wondering: Who is the girl in the train dancing? Saheli Rudra, the girl who danced in front of a packed train, describes herself as an influencer on Instagram. who follows 125 people and has over eight lakh followers.

More on the traction that motivates

Since posting the video on Instagram, it has received over a lakh views. Rudra, a friend, can be seen in this video sporting tattered jeans and a shirt. It should be mentioned that creating reels is an incredibly dangerous endeavor, and people have been observed undertaking perilous work in this regard on numerous occasions. It is not appropriate to do this. A while back, DMRC also released a warning against the growing prevalence of reels in Delhi Metro.