Hero in KHAKI: UP policeman’s life-giving CPR rescues heat-stroked baby monkey | WATCH

The policeman can be seen in the video saving a dead monkey that had been unwell from the intense heat.

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Several northern Indian states—most notably Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh—saw severe heatwaves with temperatures rising beyond 50 degrees Celsius. Several people have died as a result of this weather, and more are becoming sick. Amid this somber situation, an endearing video from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, goes viral online. The video shows a police officer at the neighborhood station performing a brave rescue of a dead monkey that had fallen from a tree in the intense heat. The officer's rapid thinking allowed him to rescue the comatose animal using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Cops humane gesture wins heart

According to media accounts, head constable Vikas Tomar of the Chhatari police station intervened on his own to save the monkey, and after it came, veterinarian Dr. Hari Om Sharma gave it medication. A head policeman is shown performing CPR on an unconscious monkey at the beginning of the film. Tomar can be seen dousing the animal in water as the video goes on to give it a refreshing feeling. Later in the video, Tomar is shown supporting the monkey so it may stand on its own. As Tomar continues to pour water on the monkey, it begins to regain awareness towards the end of the video.

CPR to monkey

The chief constable of the Chhatari police station, Vikas Tomar, told the news outlet, "We are trained to handle situations." Because the human and monkey bodies are so similar, I attempted to revive the monkey as my colleagues shielded me from a furious group of people. After roughly 45 minutes of chest pumping, sporadic massage, and small amounts of water given into the mouth, the chest finally came back to life. Every day, the monkey visits the police station, and I enjoy watching him play.

Police states

A monkey fell from a branch and passed out from extreme heat, according to SHO Bhoopendra Singh. It was quite difficult to save the baby because a group of monkeys had congregated nearby. Dr. Hari Om Sharma continued, saying, "The monkey passed out from heat stroke and dehydration." Help arrived in time to save it. Once it regained consciousness, we gave it an antibiotic. People in various sections of the country are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible and drink plenty of water due to the harsh weather conditions.