How will react if your delivery boy shows up on superbike? Watch Zomato boy delivering food on Harley-Davidson

The viral video captures the Zomato delivery agent elegantly navigating the city streets astride a Harley Davidson X440.

Shantanu Poswal
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In a notable trend, delivery personnel from online food aggregators are increasingly grabbing the spotlight for their unique approaches to their work. This time, a Zomato delivery agent has become the center of attention on social media due to his unconventional delivery method, sparking widespread discussion and interest among netizens.

The viral video prominently features the Zomato delivery agent manoeuvring through city streets on a Harley Davidson X440, a premium motorcycle valued at over Rs 2.4 lakh. The sight of such a high-end bike being used for food delivery added an element of novelty and intrigue to the clip.

Moreover, the delivery personnel was seen sporting an upscale helmet and gloves, further enhancing the visual appeal and uniqueness of the delivery experience.

Viral Impact

Since its upload, the video has garnered significant traction, accumulating over 3.4 million views and receiving more than 90,000 likes in just a few days. The viral nature of the video indicates the widespread interest and engagement it has generated among social media users.

Social Media Response

In response to the viral video, social media users expressed a range of reactions and opinions. One Instagram user commented, "Harley Davidson pe ZOMATO Food Delivery. Wait for end," hinting at the unexpected twist in the video. Another user remarked, "From the box colour and freshness, it's just a promoter and not a regular delivery guy," suggesting speculation about the authenticity of the delivery scenario. Additionally, a user praised the delivery agent's effort, stating, "He worked hard and bought his dream bike," highlighting the admiration for the individual's dedication and achievement.