Humpty dumpty had a great fall! This mistake cause airport staff to fall from plane

During a plane de-boarding process at an Indonesia airport, a significant safety oversight occurred when a ground staff worker fell off the tarmac due to the mistaken removal of the boarding/de-boarding ladder.

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Courtesy: X/@sjlazars

At Jakarta airport in Indonesia, a ground staff member experienced a shocking incident while de-boarding a flight. The mishap occurred when the ladder used for boarding and de-boarding the plane was removed prematurely while the worker was still in the process of stepping out of the aircraft.

The incident unfolded as the ground staff member was engaged in a conversation inside the Airbus A320 plane while simultaneously attempting to exit the aircraft. Unfortunately, at the same time, two other ground staff members, unaware of their colleague's movements, proceeded to remove the ladder from the front door of the plane. This unintentional action led to the worker's fall onto the tarmac.

Impact and Reaction

Despite suffering injuries, reports indicate that the worker is safe following the incident. However, the video capturing the mishap quickly went viral, sparking widespread discussion and concern on the internet.

Aviation consultant Sanjay Lazar, expressing his views on the incident via X (formerly Twitter), referred to it as a "crazy lapse" in standard procedures. He highlighted the alarming nature of the visuals and emphasised the importance of adhering to stringent safety protocols in aviation.

Netizens React

The incident prompted swift reactions from netizens, many of whom expressed deep concern over the apparent security lapse. Questions were raised about the adherence to safety protocols during routine procedures, such as inspecting the aircraft and engine, given the oversight that led to the ladder being removed prematurely.

One user pointed out the significance of basic headcounts and signalling before such actions, highlighting the potential risks associated with overlooking fundamental safety measures. Another user questioned the absence of standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding the removal of the ladder, particularly emphasizing the potential risks posed to ground staff and crew members in such scenarios.