Blinkit zara dhaniya daal dena! Now get 'free Dhaniya' with every vegetable purchase

Many users on social media have expressed their appreciation for Blinkit's initiative, but they have also requested the inclusion of green chillies ('hari mirch') along with the vegetables.

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Courtesy: X/@Blinkit

In response to a user's feedback about having to pay for coriander leaves while ordering vegetables on Blinkit, Zomato's grocery delivery platform, the company has rolled out a new feature offering complimentary coriander leaves with vegetable purchases.

User Feedback Sparks Change

The initiative stemmed from a suggestion made by Ankit Sawant's mother, who noticed the absence of free coriander leaves, a customary inclusion in traditional marketplaces, during vegetable purchases on Blinkit. Sawant shared this experience on social media, prompting a swift response from Blinkit's CEO, Albinder Dhindsa.

Acknowledging the user's feedback, Dhindsa took to social media, stating, "It’s live! Everyone, please thank Ankit’s mom. We will polish the feature in the next couple of weeks." This move has been well-received by numerous users, who expressed their appreciation for the company's responsiveness.

User Engagement and Future Enhancements

The conversation surrounding this update has garnered significant attention, accumulating over 1.2K views and more than 10,000 likes on social media platforms. While users welcomed the addition of free coriander leaves, some also suggested including complimentary green chillies ('hari mirch') with vegetable orders.

Addressing these suggestions, users advocated for a more comprehensive offering, with one user commenting, "Dhaniya ke sath mirchi bhi dal dete (add chilli along with coriander)." Another user emphasised, "Hey! Dhaniya + Hari Mirch. Sirf dhaniya is not allowed. (Only coriander not allowed)."

This engagement highlights the importance of user feedback in driving enhancements and improvements in service offerings, with Blinkit's CEO committed to refining the feature based on ongoing user input.