Lost 'cursed' ship that vanished 115 years ago, discovered in Minnesota's Lake Superior with 14 crew! Full scoop inside

On May 1, 1909, Adella Shores disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Michigan historians have reported that a shipwreck discovered in Lake Superior's depths dates back more than a century. The wood-hulled steamer Adella Shores, built in 1894, disappeared inexplicably on May 1, 1909, while carrying salt to Duluth, Minnesota. Fourteen crew members were lost at sea; none of them were ever heard from again, according to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society (GLSHS), based in Paradise, Michigan. The Shores Lumber Company is where the ship got her name. Adella was the owner's daughter and the constructor of the structure.

Ship found at Lake Superior!

At the bottom of Lake Superior, researchers found several pieces of the ship, including its cargo hold, boiler, and port bow. There was evidence of wreckage, but no sign of the sailors' remains. According to Bruce E. Lynn, the executive director of GLSHS, shipwrecks in the Great Lakes occur more frequently than is generally believed.

Lost and cursed

As Lynn noted, there was a lack of accuracy in weather predictions back then compared to now, which made ships like the Adella Shores susceptible to quickly worsening conditions that they were unable to safely manage. Due to the increased amount of ship traffic, factors like poor visibility frequently caused issues and collisions between vessels were somewhat common. Adella Shores had sunk twice before, with ice at the docks being the cause of both incidents. What eventually caused its tragic shipwreck in 1909 was probably a storm. The wreck was discovered in 2021, but before making any public pronouncements about its findings, the historical society takes its time researching the vessels that were found.

Many people believe that the ship's two sinkings and ultimate shipwreck were caused by a self-imposed curse. It was common to break a bottle of wine over the bow of a new ship to christen it at the time of construction.The shipbuilding firm owner and his family chose to shatter a water bottle instead of drinking wine. Bessie, Adella's sister, conducted this ritual. The Adella Shores were thought to be cursed since it is said that this caused terrible luck.