Luteri Dulhan! Shocking revelations leave groom, in-laws in limbo; Bride already married thrice, even went to jail...

Luteri Dulhan: The groom, along with his family, has lodged a complaint against the accused bride and her family.

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Courtesy: Pixabay/commanderclive

Luteri Dulhan: In a startling turn of events in Dehradun, the behavior of a newlywed bride has left everyone astounded. Shortly after the wedding, the bride absconded to her parental home with valuable jewellery, leaving her in-laws perturbed. Subsequently, she resorted to blackmail, demanding a hefty sum of Rs 8 lakh from her in-laws. The groom, along with his family, has lodged a complaint against the accused bride and her family at the Patel Nagar police station.

Brief Stay and Abrupt Departure

Pankaj Singh, a resident of Kargi Chowk, narrated that he tied the knot with Ankita Yadav, daughter of Ashok Yadav from Shahjahanpur. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as Ankita resided at her in-laws' residence in Doon for a mere 15 days post the wedding. A dispute ensued between the couple, leading to Ankita's abrupt departure with valuable possessions and jewellery. Despite attempts at reconciliation, Ankita adamantly refused to reconcile with her husband, prompting suspicion regarding her motives.

Allegations of Blackmail and Past Incidents

To the shock of Pankaj and his family, Ankita and her kin resorted to blackmail, demanding a staggering sum of Rs 8 lakh for separation. It came to light that Ankita Yadav had a history of exploiting and extorting money from her previous marriages, having been married thrice before. Allegedly, she has faced legal repercussions for her actions, with one incident even landing her in jail in Nainital district. In light of these revelations, the authorities have initiated legal proceedings against Ankita Yadav and her family for orchestrating a conspiracy to blackmail.

Legal Action Underway

Inspector Kamal Kumar Lunthi of the Patel Nagar police station confirmed the registration of a case against the accused Ankita Yadav and her family. An investigation is underway, with the police diligently gathering evidence to substantiate the allegations leveled against the accused. The case highlights the importance of thorough background checks and scrutiny in matrimonial alliances, underscoring the need for stringent measures to address cases of exploitation and extortion within marital relationships.

The shocking episode serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of due diligence and vigilance in matrimonial matters. As the investigation progresses, the pursuit of justice remains paramount, ensuring accountability for those who exploit the sanctity of marriage for personal gain. It is imperative to uphold the integrity of marital bonds and safeguard individuals from the perils of manipulation and deception within domestic relationships.