Maharashtra FDA Investigates McDonald's Cheese Practices after Dalda found in burgers!

The licence of one McDonald's location was suspended after the Maharashtra FDA discovered that some products, such as burgers and nuggets, were being served with cheese substitutes.

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The Food and Drug Administration of Maharashtra has taken significant action against the massive fast-food chain McDonald's. The FDA has taken action and suspended the licence of one of McDonald's restaurants. The report claims that the company's Ahmednagar location used imitation cheese in some of its fast-food dishes, which is why their licence was stopped.

Regarding this, the business has clarified the situation and reassured consumers that only premium cheese is used in products that contain cheese, such as burgers and nuggets.

The official statement 

"We had received feedback from the customer regarding the use of paneer analogue instead of real paneer," FDA Commissioner Abhimanyu Kale stated. Next, we looked into it. It was discovered throughout the examination that vegetable oil, or Dalda oil, was being used in place of actual paneer.

FDA action directed at a McDonald's restaurant

At the massive McDonald's restaurant in Ahmednagar, fake cheese was being used in place of real cheese. The Maharashtra FDA has suspended this outlet since they take this seriously. It's being said that the corporation misled customers and substituted vegetable oil for cheese in order to cut expenses. Adopting a stringent stance on the issue, the FDA has eliminated every item on the menu card of the outlet

Was using imitation cheese in foods?

Let us inform you that, as of October 2023, the company is the target of this action. After looking into the issue, the FDA discovered that people were tricked into thinking cheese was something entirely different. The FDA suspended the licence despite the company providing an explanation for it. McDonald's has now informed the FDA in writing that the meal is now called something entirely else—cheese.