Making reel gone wrong! Delhi Police arrests man who was filming video in middle of road in Shashtri Park area

The police also appealed to other citizens to not perform such reckless acts and to behave responsibly to make good use of social media.

Jigyasha Kumari
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Courtesy: X/PTI

Social media has been a crucial part of everyone's life. Now, content creation is booming in which people can create their own videos and get reach. However, sometimes content creators often disregard rules and laws in pursuit of views and popularity. Recently, a video is going viral on Instagram where Delhi Police have arrested a person because he can be seen sitting on a chair in the middle of the road and making a reel. 

What's in viral video? 

The viral video shows the accused sits on the chair placed in the middle of the road in a filmy style. The video was shared by PTI and crossed around 31.9k views. 

Watch viral video 

Video went viral 

The video went viral, the police arrested a youth in connection with the incident. 

Police action in this matter 

The Police have seized motorcycle and mobile phone and also proceeding to block his Instagram account. Police has filed a case against him and has nabbed the accused from his house. 

Here's how people reacted 

One user wrote, "I don’t know under what sections , he should pay in lakhs as a fine and the community service."

 Another user wrote," Why ,?." 

Another user commented," ₹ due to number of views > zamaanat ₹
So still not a bad deal for such people."