No cheating, just eating! Girlfriend hires PI on boyfriend only to find out...

Girlfriend decided to hire a private investigator to look into her boyfriend's activities due to suspicions of infidelity, only to discover that he was simply dining alone and enjoying a movie by himself.

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In a peculiar turn of events, a girlfriend took the step of hiring a private investigator (PI) to follow her boyfriend, suspecting him of cheating. However, what the investigation revealed was far from what she anticipated. It turned out that her boyfriend was simply enjoying a meal and watching a movie by himself in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Statistics on cheating 

Figures on cheating in relationships reveal that approximately 20–25% of married individuals in the United States have admitted to cheating on their spouse at least once during their marriage. While there has been a common perception that men are more likely to cheat than women, recent research suggests that the gap between male and female infidelity rates has been narrowing.

Age demographics also play a role in the likelihood of cheating. Studies indicate that younger individuals, particularly those under 30, are more prone to engaging in infidelity compared to older age groups. This trend can be attributed to various factors, such as maturity level and relationship experience.

The advent of social media and dating apps has contributed to the prevalence of online infidelity. It is estimated that around 30–40% of online users have engaged in some form of digital cheating, highlighting the impact of technology on modern relationships.

Comments on the Post

Reactions to the incident varied among social media users. One user humorously commented, "Next: PI hires boyfriend as boyfriend," highlighting the irony of the situation. 

Another user questioned whether the girlfriend had considered the connection between her actions and the innocent activities of her boyfriend, stating, "Do you think she made the connection between her behaviour and WHY he’s getting food and watching a movie by himself?"

 A third user empathised with the boyfriend, noting, "You remind me of this guy. It's hard being a man," reflecting on the challenges faced in relationships.