Soon? You will PAY to Elon Musk for posting, liking, replying on X

X might be expanding its policy to charge new users before they reply/like/bookmark a post.

Mayank Kasyap
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New Delhi: Elon Musk is shaking things up again at X, formerly known as Twitter. The platform is set to implement a new fee structure targeting new users, requiring them to pay a small amount for actions like posting, liking, replying, and bookmarking.

Fighting the bot battle

This bold decision comes from Elon Musk's ongoing battle against bots on the platform. He believes that charging a fee will deter the creation and use of automated accounts that often spread misinformation and disrupt genuine user interactions.

The policy is only for new users

The new policy will apply specifically to new users joining X. Fortunately, existing users will not be affected. Furthermore, new users will be granted a grace period of three months after account creation. During this time, they can experience the platform's full functionality without any fees.

Following the 'Money Trail'

This move follows a similar experiment conducted in October 2023. Back then, X, under Musk's leadership, trialed a $1 annual fee for new users in the Philippines and New Zealand. The success (or lack thereof) of these trials likely influenced the current, more comprehensive fee structure.

From Twitter to X and beyond

Since acquiring the platform, Musk has been a driving force for change at X. The platform's name transformation from Twitter to X is just one example. This latest decision regarding user fees adds another layer to the evolving X experience.

While the core elements of the new fee structure are clear, two key details remain unannounced: the exact cost per action and the official launch date. X users can expect further updates on these aspects in the near future.

Will Musk's gambit pay off?

Only time will tell if Musk's gamble to combat bots through user fees will be successful. While some users might be deterred by the extra cost, others may welcome a potentially cleaner and more authentic X experience.